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Industry Reviews
"Amazing amount of vapor and perfect throat-hit...The taste of Firebrand’s tobacco e-liquid is also excellent. It is smooth and a perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes. In an over-saturated and shaky industry, Firebrand is a true gem." - Electronic Cigarette Nation

"One of the best e-cigs we have ever had the pleasure of trying... The Firebrand e-cig was absolutely amazing! The vapor production, throat hit, and flavor were among the best qualities we have ever tried! The Hellfire atomizer is the highest quality atomizer we have ever used and the (Phoenix) batteries took forever to die...Firebrand is now our favorite refillable electronic cigarette on the market...Firebrand e-cig flavors were also the highest quality electronic cigarette e-liquid we have ever tested...Their flavors were so incredibly smooth and had such robust flavors...the nicest customer service we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with...spectacular prices..." - E-cig Savings

"Firebrand is certainly a newcomer to the vaping world but they've busted the door down with some high performance and stylish electronic cigarettes. Their e-liquid produces an insane amount of vapor every time and when loaded into their high-end cartomizers, it didn't take long to have the ecigadvanced.com office looking like a rock concert. Their quality atomizers crank out the vapor too, adding that extra punch of throat hit. Firebrand offers some of the most unique, stylish and fairly priced products we've come across. In all of their options in everything from e-liquid to batteries, atomizers and cartomizers they've hit top marks across the board." - EcigAdvanced.com

Don't take our word for it! Check out what our customers are saying!

"The service and products from Firebrand are top notch, shipping is lighting fast..Rock on!!- Jerry, Louisiana

"These Phoenix Millenniums are vaping machines and customer service is great!" - Dale, North Carolina

"I got so much more than I expected with my last order... I have been spoiled...The Menthol flavor 'liquitine' is simply the best menthol I've had yet. Thank you...You guys are gold." - Josh, Louisana

"Kit arrived with the juice last night. All in working order and ROCKING!" - Ben, Australia 

"My experience has been first rate. Customer Service is hugely important to me and Firebrand is fabulous. The first one I tried was the coffee (PG) and wow..it is great. The flavor is subtle and very nice and the TH and vapor both are great. The throat hit is most important to me so I was happy with that...The 100% PG had the most throat hit. The most surprising to me was the Menthol...This menthol is awesome. I'd describe it as refreshing...The atomizers performed really great!! Firebrand rates really high on the scale of Customer Service, speedy shipping and really good liquids." - Maria, Colorado

"Firebrand was Johnny on the spot, busted a$$ to get it from Cali, to SC in like two days...Personal emails all the way following up...The juice was/is allpretty darn good stuff right out of the package...Menthol is really good, as it the Tobacco...the kit was a very cool little 510 kit with what appear really good quality...The kit packaging is as good as it gets, VERY professional, and with a nice and clear owners manual plus nice maintenance and information cards and stamped QC sticker. Maybe a perfect mini starter kit. It vapes as well as all my eGo's and Hello-16 510's..." - Joe, South Carolina

"Very happy with the starter kit and the super fast delivery...your tobacco is the best i had so far..." - Robert, New York, New York     

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-The Firebrand Team.